Identifying Stakeholders

Our focus is on transparency, cooperation, and on sharing value.

An Organization Stakeholders are "those (people or organizations) who affect and/or can be affected by its activities, products or services and their performance." Mutual and collaborative commitment is key for us, with and between Stakeholders.

We believe that involving Stakeholders in our strategies and commitments is key for success, enabling our business to be shared sustainably and the creation of shared value.

LIPOR stakeholders

An important role of Stakeholders is their collaboration in the process of establishing Materiality and identifying and prioritizing what is most important in the environmental, social, and economic aspects in organizations.

To fulfill this intention, we periodically carry out a set of initiatives which streamlines the entire process, namely: updating Stakeholders; reviewing the involvement mechanisms and the mapping of the Influence-Dependency Matrix. This process lets us establish the most important Stakeholders, as well as the material issues for the Organization in a certain period.

LIPOR Influence/Dependence Matrix
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