LIPOR renews its commitment to sustainable development in Angola through the "ECOJOVENS" PROJECT

LIPOR has once again been contracted to organize a new cycle of training sessions in Angola. The Salesians of Don Bosco Angola intend to reinforce the work they began in 2023 and will again invest in LIPOR expertise in 2024.

LIPOR will contribute to the success of the "Ecojovens" project, implemented by the Salesians of Don Bosco Angola, which is funded by the European Union and has the support of UNDP Angola.

In this new cycle of collaboration, LIPOR will conduct two essential training sessions to promote the circular economy and boost sustainable development in Angola. The first training session, entitled "Circular Economy - Upcycling", will be given by LIPOR's international consultant, Juliano Ferreira. The second course, "Circular Economy - Repairing Small Domestic Appliances", will be given by LIPOR's international consultant, Filipe Bernardino.

Both courses aim to make a significant contribution to enhancing the human capital of Angolan youth, with a special focus on women. By promoting the active involvement of youth in public policies and in the search for sustainable employment opportunities, the actions aim to strengthen the participants' capacities and foster sustainable development.

With this initiative, LIPOR reiterates its daily commitment to building a better world, aligning itself with the principles of circular economy, climate action and environmental protection. The organization aims not only to share knowledge, but also to inspire the next generation to adopt sustainable practices to tackle environmental challenges and create a more resilient and equitable future.

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