16 May

In May, come and discover LIPOR's B Side

We all know that biodiversity keeps declining and that human activity has been, and still is, responsible for leading to the loss and alteration of ecosystem services, contributing to the reduction of species' refuge areas and the biodiversity that existed there.

This loss of biodiversity is not only an environmental issue! It's also an economic, social, development, security and moral issue. Organizations like LIPOR acknowledge that the loss of Biodiversity and, consequently, the loss of the services it provides is, in fact, an economic and financial Risk that we must pay attention to.

Therefore, LIPOR and its associated Municipalities work to map biodiversity promotion and regeneration issues into the Business Strategy, in what we call our "B" side - BIODIVERSITY.

Therefore, at a time when the importance of Biodiversity is recognized, the development of actions in favor of nature is fundamental. These are the motivations for LIPOR and its Municipalities to join and promote a set of activities during the month of May, the month when we celebrate Biodiversity.

See what we have prepared for you and participate:

The Serralves Foundation, LIPOR and its associated Municipalities are promoting the 9th edition of the Bioblitz, an educational and scientific event of reference, within the scope of education and awareness for the Environment, Biodiversity and Sustainability, aimed at the educational community and general public, especially children and families.

Casa do Corim will open its doors to Biodiversity, promoting two Bioblitz workshops: Workshops: Importance of wetlands and aquatic biodiversity (11h00-13h30) and Sustainable Food (15h00-17h00).
Join us and come discover the biodiversity in the gardens of Casa do Corim!

If you are fascinated by syntropic agriculture and want to create life and promote biodiversity in the soil, enroll in this action where you will be able to understand the origin, principles and concepts of syntropic agroforestry systems, learn how to characterize the species to be used in cultures, within the syntropic logic and how to plan a production system.

In the Gardens National Day we'll promote the "Garden Safari" session, to celebrate the importance and the experience of these spaces, in the defense of the landscape and the promotion of citizens' quality of life, as well as the promotion of biodiversity.

Come and discover the biodiversity of LIPOR's Adventure Park & Ecological Trail by participating in several fauna and flora observation and identification activities. Throughout the day, and part of the evening, we will be in touch with several techniques of biodiversity observation. The Program is already available and registrations are open, but limited.

Come and discover our B-Side - The Biodiversity Side!

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