22 May

Thousand Springs at Casa do Corim

Biodiversity continued to be the central theme at Casa do Corim during the month of May.

Thus, on the 20th, an Open Day was promoted where it was possible to visit the exhibitions "AMPHIBIANS: A LEG IN THE WATER, ANOTHER ON EARTH" and "BIODIVERSITY IN MAIA'S GREEN AREAS". These exhibitions were also enriched by two workshops "The Importance of wetlands and aquatic biodiversity” and "Sustainable Food” as part of the celebration of biodiversity with Bioblitz.

The Mil Primaveras Market, with the sale of organic vegetables, urban handicrafts, designer teas and in bulk food products, brought the Garden to life between, providing an afternoon well spent to those who visited us. And it was even possible to visit the gardens, and enjoy beautiful melodies interpreted by soloists from the Banda Martial de Gueifães. Undoubtedly unique moments!

Also, during the afternoon, it was possible to attend two interesting workshops, with a more practical component, but without forgetting the educational and awareness component: Feeders for birds and Packaging with Beeswax.

And the bees were also the motto for another session of the Extension CineEco LIPOR / Casa do Corim, with the presentation of a very relevant documentary "Une Terre Sans Abeilles” by Elsa Putelat and Nicolas Dupuis that alerts us to the disappearance of bees and to its possible extinction and the serious consequences and implications for Earth's ecosystems and agricultural systems.

At the end of the day, the "Travel with a Backpack” talk on Sustainable Tourism with the traveller Pedro Ramos left all participants with a more environmentally friendly vision of tourism, closing with a golden key another lively Open Day at Casa do Corim!

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