15 Feb

LIPOR and Santa Cruz do Bispo Prison Facilities implement SIAC

LIPOR, the Municipality of Matosinhos and Rede Ambiente began partnership work, with the Santa Cruz do Bispo Prison Facilities, in February 2023, within the scope of promoting good environmental practices, namely the correct separation and management of recyclable waste. This initiative is integrated into LIPOR's Customized Environmental Intervention Service (SIAC), with the first phase of implementation of the improvement process started on December 14th.

To promote the recycling of materials in the different areas of the Prison, a reorganization of existing equipment was carried out, with more than 60 new pieces of equipment being made available for recycling, approximately 40 pieces of equipment destined for common waste removed and equipment that showed clear signs of wear being renewed. At the same time, the collection circuits and the respective collection frequency were adjusted in order to improve management, with an expected significant increase in the quantity of materials sent for recycling.

Parallel to the renovation and reorganization of recycling equipment, several awareness-raising moments were held, in which around 50 people participated. These moments allowed to, not only clarify doubts, but also work on technical issues and good practices of the various operating teams in the internal waste management circuits.

This Service is aimed at entities from different areas, offering specialized technical support in the operationalization of waste management processes, in conjunction with Municipal Services. The idea is to promote a simple and judicious approach, improving the reality of waste management in institutions.

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