20 Feb

LIPOR creates environmental and social value through its Goods Bank

The LIPOR Goods Bank is an internal initiative that aims to extend the useful life of our assets, such as furniture and equipment, through their internal reuse and also through donation to social entities.

Since the beginning of its activity in 2021, the LIPOR Goods Bank has enabled the reuse of 66 pieces, avoiding the disposal of 638 kg of materials as waste, equivalent to a reduction of 746 kg of carbon emissions, which corresponds to the forest sequestration of 75 trees per year.

Of note is the measurable social impact, determined by the SROI (Social Return on Investment) methodology which in 2022 represents 0.45 euros of social value created for every euro invested in the Goods Bank.

The results obtained reaffirm LIPOR's commitment to promoting circularity and the creation and sharing of sustainable value within the community in which we operate, thus contributing to extending the useful life of materials through their reuse and sustainable management.

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