04 Jun

LIPOR and LET’s SWAP sign Collaboration Protocol

LIPOR and the Let’s Swap Association signed a Protocol with the aim of raising awareness about the value of used goods, with a special focus on clothing items, which are often discarded prematurely. Through this collaboration, LIPOR and Let’s Swap intend to raise community awareness of the importance of giving goods a second life, thus reducing waste and environmental impact.

In practice, this collaboration will materialize through communication actions and events to raise awareness and involve the Community. These will cover the area of repair - Let's Repair - in which participants will be invited to embrace the art of mending, altering and enjoying their clothes, as well as Swap Markets, which enable the exchange and sharing of clothing, accessories and books, consciously, creating a collaborative spirit in the community.

Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives, taking place at Casa do Corim and Parque Aventura da LIPOR, participate and get involved in sustainable fashion!

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