Sustainable green areas

Requalification of LIPOR areas

We renovate our areas inspired by nature.

Since 2002 we have implemented good practices for sustainable gardening in the Horta da Formiga (Home Composting Center). As this is an area for experimenting and learning, we show that it's possible to maintain areas sustainably (without using chemicals and other practices which harm the environment) and, at the same time, reduce costs and increase biodiversity.
This renovation has reduced the production of green waste and has enabled the implementation of some measures for adapting to climate change. The water saved for irrigation is also substantial.
In order to mitigate climate changes, we are creating gardens that preserve heat in the winter and provide shade in the summer, protect buildings and people from strong winds and reduce their speed, also protecting from rain and hail.

Additionally, there are other advantages: These gardens lower air temperature and reduce heat intensity resulting from the greenhouse effect, also serving as carbon deposits. By reducing soil waterproofing, we reduce the impact that these changes can have on the natural and urban environment, preparing ourselves for future challenges.

Environmental and Landscaping development of Parque Aventura LIPOR

Return the area to community.

LIPOR is developing an Environmental and Landscaping Development of the Parque Aventura (Adventure Park) Project, with the collaboration of a landscape architect.

This project aims for the environmental protection, and landscape enhancement and integration of the Parque Aventura, with the main objective being to increase biodiversity, in conjunction with promoting recreational activities aimed at the public.
The installation of new green structures combined with existing ones is also planned, as well as the adjustment and improvement of the network of pathways and recreational areas, stays and viewpoints.

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